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Paper Paladin

Paper Paladin is a hybrid character who, in 2016, found herself walking alongside several close friends experiencing infertility. She tried to reconcile her faith with the infertility
diagnoses of her friends, who were struggling to find support within their church communities. Paper Paladin has found many gaps in the available resources, which don't bridge their faith with their reality.

That’s how this writing journey began. It was born from the desire to understand infertility, not just the physical aspects but also the emotional and spiritual parts.

In the fantasy genre, the paladin is a character that can heal, protect, and deal damage. The Light empowers them to stand on the front lines against the enemy, and they constantly strive to do good. 

Likewise, Paper Paladin knows the Truth that empowers her. She desires to offer the same tenderness and healing words that have bandaged her heart in times of distress. Her writing is a tapestry of her scientific training, deep empathy for people, and desire to be an instrument in God’s hands.

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