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What Keeps You From Seeking God?

A few posts ago, I asked, "What stops you from seeking God?"

The pace of life often distracts me from seeking God. Devices, entertainment, friends, work, family. All good things, and all not God.

God is ever present, yet I find His presence clearest when I seek Him in solitary places.

As an introvert, I crave solitude. As a working mom, I need to schedule solitude.

Solitude has looked different for me over the years. Sometimes, it's been a rushed walk around my block, pleading for God to give me patience between making a meal and the next activity. Sometimes, it's been an hour-long visit on a Saturday to our city's botanical garden, meandering amongst the plants and practicing my listening for God's voice. And recently, it was a weekend-long stay on a local island as I reveled in God's beauty through hikes, wildlife, and yummy treats.

What hasn't been different is that each time I've sought God in solitary places, I'm not alone. As close as my breath, I've whispered, "God, are you here?" and I've known my soul is accompanied in the solitude.

In the solitude, I feel comfortable airing my grievances, knowing they're listened to. In the solitude, quiet oozes inside me after unburdening my heart. In the solitude, there is space for worship of the God of the universe. In the solitude, wisdom is imparted for daily living. And in the solitude, my heart is drawn to others: prayers for their wellbeing, for those things that either weigh heavy on them or are cause for gratitude and celebration.

Jesus withdrew to be with His Father. He set us an example.

What keeps you from seeking God? Will you continue to let it?

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