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"How Did You Write A Manuscript?" ... My Favourite Project Management Tool

The question I have been asked most is, “How did you write the manuscript?” It seems like a simple question, but there are layers to it.

For example, my children were young when I wrote the manuscript. So, one layer of that question is, “How did you write a manuscript while being a full-time mom?”

Another layer is that I was also keeping up my professional practice requirements for my engineering license. So the question was also, “How did you write a manuscript with young children and working part-time?”

I believe that big tasks get done by breaking them into small steps. I’m also an end-goal thinker. The tortoise wins the race. Slow and steady, consistency gets the day.

There’s no magic formula. What worked for me, probably won’t work for you … well, it might work for some of you...

As much as I have tried to push the "engineer" part of me away from the "writer" part of me (yes, visualize me as the ref below!), sometimes, I realize how silly that is.

Resistance really is futile.

So, this post is about how I've allowed the two sides to intermingle.

In my day job, I use a project management tool called Trello. This is not a paid or endorsed blog post. I genuinely like this product.

For someone who never feels tech-savvy, Trello is an easy-to-use tool. I learned how to use it at work for project management, but I realized how useful it would be for this writing journey.

I also firmly believe in “fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Trello allowed (and still does!) me to break this writing project into smaller steps. It’s helped me keep a record of where I’ve been on this journey and where I’m headed.

And, Trello is free. When you're beginning a journey, not sure where it will lead, not having to make a substantial financial investment feels like a big win!

Since I already knew a thing or two about Trello from my day job, I was able to set up a workspace and board for this writing project quickly.

Trello allowed me to see my plan. And probably my favourite part is how easy it is to adjust that plan when life changes!

But how did I enact my plan? I think that’s the fundamental layer of the question, “How did you write a manuscript?”

There are two parts to this answer, and I will share that in the next post.

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