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Publishing and Editing ...

As I became increasingly aware of the shape the manuscript was taking, my mind wandered to how to get it published.

Again, because I came to this project from outside the writing profession, I have had a steep learning curve about the writing industry.

One book that I've particularly appreciated is David Comfort's An Insider's Guide to Publishing. I learned about the differences between digital and traditional publishing and the benefits and challenges of both. What has served me most, though, is his honest, step-by-step approach to talking to others in the industry.

When I was Providentially introduced to my first editor, Karen Ydenberg White, I was able to craft an email following David's guide. (Similarly, when I reached out to an agent, but more to come on that in a future post!). Karen did a full structural edit, but decided not to continue with me on the journey because she wanted to specialize in fiction.

I recalled David's section in the book about rejection. I knew Karen wasn't personally rejecting me. However, it still helped me to have read that section before she shared her choice to focus on fiction. Rejection is part of the journey. It's good to be aware of it and get some coaching on accepting it.

I've since had two friends self-publish books, and I'm grateful they've shared their self-publishing journeys with me. Although I remain open to self-publishing, it seems like another considerable challenge. I neither have sensed a call to follow that path nor have the ambition.

In the meantime, I keep working on my rewrite and draw closer to the next editing stage. I don't have a clear image of how this process will go or the finished product. God continues to expand my faith with each step in this writing journey.

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